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Commodity Trading

Set off to commodity trading without having to own actual sacks of beans, or bars of gold. With arbitFX commodity trading is as easy and accessible as ever. For the online commodity trading we offer out traders financial derivative

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To speculate on the price of the highly popular commodities in the world: silver, gold, crude oil and other energies, and soft commodities like wheat cocoa, coffee. Always get a little extra out of trading with arbitFX

Commodity trading

You can trade CFDs on some of the world’s most sought-after commodities. From oil and gold to natural gas and cotton, these assets keep the world spinning as they are strongly linked to global events as well as certain currencies like the AUD, USD, and CAD.


You can start your trading journey for CFDs on commodities with energies such as natural gas, crude oil, Brent oil or heating oil.


With us, you can trade CFDs on popular metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.


Apart from the energy and metal contracts, we also offer a batch of soft commodities products, including cocoa, sugar, wheat, corn, and coffee.

Which currency would you like to trade on?

With arbitfx, you can trade two main types of commodities on MT5 or arbitfx desktop or mobile platforms: energies & metals (also known as hard commodities), and grains plus other diverse goods (known as soft commodities).

What affects the prices of commodities?

Many factors can impact commodity prices. Here are the most important ones:
Supply and demand
Whenever supply and demand balance out, the prices of commodities remain stable. But when the market anticipates or expects a supply issue (as a result of production cuts, natural disasters, major world events) or an increase in demand (as a result of population growth, expanding economy) prices might vary considerably.
Price inflation
Inflation is another major factor that impacts the prices of commodities. In turn, these changes can affect the results from CPI or PPI reports that show the state of economies throughout the world.
Currency strength
The world’s most traded commodities are directly linked to popular Forex pairs. For example, most commodities are priced in U.S dollars, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on the Dollar Index. Also, the Canadian dollar has a strong bond with Oil prices, as Canada exports large quantities of black gold.

Lightning speed execution with razor-thin spreads

You can rely on our transparent pricing every time you place a trade with us and manage your exposure with mini and micro lots.
Best execution
Trade with precision from 0.0 pips on EURUSD in ECN Account
Safety of funds
Our security systems and measures always keep your data and funds safe.
We designed our trading conditions to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated traders! Competitive spreads, fast execution, and price transparency at all times.

CFDs on different types of asset classes for you to trade: Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and Blends!

How to trade on Forex on arbitfx

You can open a Forex position with through the device of your choice, be it a smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • It’s straightforward:

  • Log in to your account or create account

  • Go to the Forex section and choose your favorite instrument

  • Set your trade size

  • Choose direction (Buy or Sell) based on your assessment of the influencing factors

  • Place your trade!

The safety and security of client funds is our top priority. Everything we do is with the highest levels of client funds security with arbitFX, We’re committed to offering the best protection available